Veteran keyboardist Rich Schock is no stranger to the music scene, playing out with his first band at the ripe old age of eleven. The “doctor” has played in various venues in the Philadelphia and New York areas over his near 40 year career. He can also be found doing session work at area studios, both vocally and on keys. His classical training bleeds over into many of his leads and original songs. In 2012, while performing with the Guitardogs, Rich's song "Visions" received the attention of his peers and widespread support for a Grammy nomination. He is a voting member of NARAS and a Platinum Music Award Recipient. During his 15 year stint with the Guitardogs they released four albums.

In the spring of 2020, Schock decided it was time to work on the solo release he'd been thinking of for years. Setting out to use as many of his talented musician friends as he could, Rich attempted to write songs that would allow them to show off their unique styles and talents. Mission accomplished with 23 different performers on the project! On the title track, Moonless Night, he was joined by Grammy winner Matthew Shell of MTS Music Productions and his marvelous musicians: Sami Turunen, Glen Welman, and Hector Ruano.

An avid motorcyclist and family man, Schock resides in Upper Bucks County, Pa with his wife Candy.