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My first solo production

 After trying his hand at music with a range of bands, Rich Schock’s newest drop features the best of Classic Rock and Blues KINTNERSVILLE, PA — August 20th, 2023 - After years of weaving his musical magic through diverse bands, Rich Schock emerges with his debut solo project, a testament to his mastery over his craft. This seasoned musician's journey through time and sound has culminated in his enthralling singles "Crack The Throttle" and "Moonless Night," garnering resounding praise from critics and audiences alike. "Moonless Night" marks Rich Schock's maiden solo release, a dream nurtured over years of musical exploration. Envisioned as a platform to spotlight the exceptional talents of his musician friends, the project quickly became a collaborative symphony. However, fate intervened in the form of a global pandemic. The lockdown provided an unexpected gift of time, allowing Rich to pen his musical dreams into reality. Enter Matthew Shell of MTS Music Productions, a maestro renowned for his Grammy-nominated collaborations. The artists’ partnership led to the release of "Moonless Night," a mesmerizing track featuring MTS musicians and Rich's evocative lead vocals. An emblem of artistic resilience, the song captured the essence of unity despite adversity. Rich Schock Music is a celebration of camaraderie, with a whopping twenty-four musicians and vocalists gracing the album, twenty-one of whom are cherished friends. This sonic tapestry was woven at Rich's  Hound Sound Productions, a sanctuary of creativity where music comes to life. As Rich Schock Music continues to resonate, Rich's fervor remains undiminished. His unwavering dedication to crafting timeless melodies speaks of a promising future. A follow-up album is already in the pipeline, hinting at the artist's exploration of new frontiers. An electric solo project, Rich Schock’s striking new album- “Moonless Night” is a reflection of years of experience which the artist boasts. Displaying distinctive Blues and Rock tunes, the talented artist shares all the skills he learnt over years spent with the band Guitardogs. Check out Rich Schock Music’s exciting new releases and music videos on his official website! Feel free to hear complete songs for free and download them for a small fee. The artist is also available for interviews and on the lookout for more reviews! ### ABOUT RICH As a veteran of the music scene since the late 1960s, Rich Schock's roots in classic rock run deep. His love for the genre permeates each track, whether channeling the intense energy of Deep Purple's Hammondinfused rhythms in "Prophecy" or unveiling his prog rock influences in "Kicking Wicked." With classical training permeating his compositions, Rich envisions experimenting with an orchestral piece, further expanding his sonic horizons. A twenty-year member of the Recording Academy (NARAS) and a Platinum Music Award Recipient, Rich Schock's legacy is etched in both experience and accolades. His ongoing journey with the band "Project 22" keeps the flame of live performances alive, ensuring that the allure of his music touches audiences on both stage and studio.


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Hello everyone, welcome to my new webpage. I hope you all are enjoying the new songs and videos. I'm trying to put together a cd/ album release party. More on that to come! 

Recent Reviews for Moonless Night:

RadioAirplay.com Review by Andre Avanessian
Overall Impression
Now here's a tune that's going to go down as an absolute treat for classic rock enthusiasts! (Myself included). Rich Schock's riff-fueled, Hammond-organ-soaked "Prophecy" serves as an irrefutably charming ode to the rock genre's glory days and Rich has cooked up a truly delectable smorgasbord of tasty guitar licks, crunchy hooks, fist-pumping grooves, and soaring vocal elements, resulting in an anthemic, melody-injected piece of songwriting that's full of both feel and personality. Having been brought up on classic rock myself, it's always great to hear artists such as Rich Schock continuing to keep the flame of the style alive, and thanks to the committed performances, authentic sound, and solid arrangement, "Prophecy" captures the spirit of the genre perfectly.
Strongest Point(s)
Opening with the timeless sound of crunchy overdriven guitar and the warm expressive tones of the Hammond Organ, "Prophecy" wastes no time in establishing its undeniably classic 70's styled rock sound as pioneered by the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath to name but a few. The energy that the performances bring to the table is palpable, helping to draw you further into the music with ease whilst managing to create a feeling that this is a completely live and refreshingly raw performance, eschewing the over-produced tendencies that the genre has become accustomed to over the years. It's the synergy between these performances that helps infuse the writing with a sense of both vigor and character, allowing every attention-grabbing lead guitar moment, melody-drenched vocal hook, chest-rattling drum hit, and electrifying organ flourish to feel both impactful and soul-stirring. Whilst the arrangement follows a standard structure, it's no less effective, and its free-flowing nature ensures every distinct section feels strongly inter-connected with one another, allowing the music to move in a way that feels wholly organic and continuously engaging.
Target Audience Appeal
"Prophecy" is most definitely a tune for classic rock lovers and I'm sure it will strongly appeal to fans of the genre.

rock to the stick-Impressive work Rich! This rock anthem has an infectious energy that grabs hold of you from the very first note. The soaring vocals and powerful guitar riffs create an electrifying experience. 

mp3hugger-Those beats set the tone but it is riffs that fill us in on the classic rock machinations of Rich Schock and boy does take on the role with relish to a degree that Moonless Night has the gusto of something that has endured through the decades...   Rich is about to raise the stakes higher and higher the more the track proceeds. Something for the open air shows over the summer when all we need is a taste of the grandiose values of yore.